Nars unfiltered I & II cheek palette


Nars brought out two new blush palettes the ulfiltered I & II cheek palettes, both are  limited edition en they each consist of 5 new shades. Each palette contains 1 color that already has been released before, in the unfiltered I palette it’s the color ‘exhibit A’ and in  the unfiltered II  palette it’s the color’Hot sand’.

The packaging is very pretty it has a mirror effect its a nice piece in my blush stash.

The unfiltered II palette contains cool blush colors, great for paler skin tones.


The top row: (from L-R): Conquest  –  Undefeated  –  Power Play

The bottom row: Hot sand  –  Fame  –  Candid

Here are the swatches in the same order, first with no flash.


No flash: Conquest  –  Undefeated  –  Power Play  –  Hot Sand  –  Fame  –  Candid

With flash.


Conquest  – Undefeated  –  Power Play  –  Hot Sand  –  Fame  –  Candid

The unfiltered II palette contains more warm blush colors that are more suitable for darker skin tones (especially the colors Chic and Exhibit A).


The top row (van L-R): Watch Me  –  Me First  –  Takeover

The bottom row: Out There  –  Chic  –  Exhibit A


No flash: Watch Me  –  Me First  –  Takeover  –  Out There  –  Chic  –  Exhibit A


With flash Watch Me  –  Me First  –  Takeover  –  Out There  –  Chic  –  Exhibit A

Both palettes have great pigmentation i would recommend the palettes to everyone who loves blush. All of the colors blend nicely on the skin, you also get a few different finishes of blush in each palette there is a  matte, satin en shimmery finish. The palette contains    6 x 3.5 gram for 45,00 euro, very inexpensive in comparison with the separated blushes where you only get 4,8 gram for 31,00 euro.

I am very happy with my new palettes, they are both for sale at  each palette costs  45,00 euro.

Let me know in the comments which one is you’re fave.



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