NEW MAC extra dimension skinfinsh



Mac Cosmetics recently came out with the ‘In the spotlight collection’ the collection consists out of 5 stobe creams and 4 new extra dimension skinfinish highlighters. I got my hands on 3 of the new highlighters  ‘ Soft Frost  –  Beaming Blush  and  Show Gold ‘          (the shade i didn’t get is Doublegleam.)

The highlighters are described as a liquid-powder highlighter that gives a luminous, well defined finish with ‘prismatic reflections’.

(L-R): Beaming Blush  –  Show Gold  –  Soft Frost
  • Soft Frost: white that breaks violet
  • Show Gold: peach that breaks pink
  • Beaming Blush: pink that breaks gold
  •  Double Gleam: beige that breaks silver



Beaming Blush  –  Soft Frost  –  Show Gold

here are the swatches.


No flash (L-R): Beaming Blush  –  Soft Frost  –  Show Gold


With flash (L-R): Beaming Blush  –  Soft Frost  –  Show Gold

The texture of the highlighters is really smooth and not flaky, they blend very nice on the skin and are super pigmented.

The packaging is the same as the other Mac products which i like (because i think it looks better in my stash, a little bit OCD of mine :p ).

My conclusion is that i prefer these way more than the mineralize skinfinshes from Mac, these ones really give a pretty luminous highlight that reflects the light perfectly whereas the mineralize skinfinshes give more of a glitter glow wherein you can see the glitter particles clearly. I would recommend these to everyone who loves a striking highlight.        I  will definitely try to get my hands on the one i’m missing Double Gleam.

Leave a comment with which one is you’re favorite or if you will purchase them.

xoxo Lisa


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