NEW MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks For Spring 2017


MAC cosmetics released 12 new shades of their Retro matte liquid lip colors for Spring 2017. I bought 6 shades  overall they are all natural shades there was one shade i also wanted but it was sold out at the time i will pick it up later.( the color So Me)

The packaging is the same as their other liquid lipstick which i never tried because the colors didn’t attract to me this time they released  more my kinda colors. This collection  contain 2 limited edition shades (which i got both) so if you are interested in them keep that in mind.

These are the six that i got.



  •  Dash O’ Spice  – Yellow beige (Limited Edition)
  •  Flesh Stone  – Greyed neutral brown (Limited Edition)
  •  Simply Smoked  –  Brown taupe
  • Café Au Chic  –  Greyed beige
  • Burnt Spice  –  Creamy dirty rose
  • Topped With Brandy – Deep dirty rose

Here are my swatches.


Without flash (L-R):

Dash O’ Spice  –  Flesh Stone  –  Simply Smoked  –  Café Au Chic  –  Burnt Spice  –  Topped With Brandy


With flash (L-R):

Dash O’ Spice  –  Flesh Stone  –  Simply Smoked  –  Café Au Chic  –  Burnt Spice  –  Topped With Brandy


The applicator has a small hole in the middle that picks up product so you have enough product on the brush to fill in you’re lips.

The formula is overall not to drying for me, but they are not the most hydrating matte lipsticks out there. They lasted 6 hours on me after that they didn’t look as pretty as before.

The shades are pretty Burnt Spice and Café Au Chic are 2 of my favorites, Dash O Spice and Simply Smoked are more suited for darker skin tones (i’m quite fair in the winter).

I would definitely like to see more colors of these liquid lipsticks so i’m looking forward to which colors they are gonna release next.

Which are you’re favorites let me now in the comments.

XOXO Lisa.


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