Zoeva Nude Spectrum Palette


Hi today i’m gonna be reviewing the Zoeva nude spectrum eyeshadow palette, the palette came out a while ago and it came in 3 variations cool, nude and warm spectrum eyeshadow palettes, each palette contains 15 eyeshadows. I decided to try out the nude edition. Each palette has eyeshadows with 3 different finishes satin, mattes and pearl.

The nude palette unveils a perfectly synchronized assortment of mesmerizing earth toned and subtle sandy shades. Invigorated with gold, bronze and copper reflections, the iridescent hues waft shimmering effects on the lids. You can make beautiful day or evening looks with this palette.

Here is a close-up of the palette.


First row.


Without flash (L-R):

ND 130  –  ND 100  –  ND 070  –  ND  40  –  ND 010


With flash (L-R):

ND 130  –  ND 100  –  ND 070  –  ND  40  –  ND 010

Second row.


Without flash: (L-R):

ND 140  –  ND 110  –  ND 080  –  ND 050  –  ND 020


With flash: (L-R):

ND 140  –  ND 110  –  ND 080  –  ND 050  –  ND 020

Third row.


Without flash (L-R):

ND 150  –  ND 120  –  ND 090  –  ND 060  –  ND 030


With flash (L-R):

ND 150  –  ND 120  –  ND 090  –  ND 060  –  ND 030

The pigmentation and the colors are beautiful the texture of the eyeshadows are so buttery and not dry or flaky at all i’m very impressed with this palette and will definitely be picking up the other variations of this series.

It will definitely go in my bag when i’m traveling you have everything in there you need transition shades, an allover lid shade, shimmery shades and a black to make a more smoky look just everything.

The packaging is the only downside for me it looks and feels a lot like  the black matte packaging from Nars that ones it’s stained you can not get it clean ever again.

When i first saw the palette it made me think of the MAC x warm neutral eyeshadow palette that’s why i hesitated a bit to buy it, it looked like a dupe to me, but i was very wrong  the Zoeva palette is extremely pigmented the shadows blend well do not crease, they also don’t have a lot of fallout whereas the MAC palette i don’t find nearly as good as this one the pigmentation is off they have a lot of fallout  and a lot of the shades don’t perform well.

On another note the palette comes with 15 beautiful shades for only 35,00 euro, it’s such a good deal i would recommend it to everyone if you’re a beginner with makeup or just love nude eyeshadow palettes like me. ( In comparison withe the MAC palette that retails (in my country) for 116,00 euro or 123 dollars ) This is definitely a must have palette for me.

Let me now in the comment if you love the palette as much as i do :p

XOXO Lisa.


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