Kylie Metal Matte Liquid Lipstick


Today i’m gonna swatch and review the Kylie Jenner Metal liquid lipsticks. They came out a while a go i bought them a few months ago but i decided i’m gonna do a quick review on them. I got her tree shades of the permanent collection i don’t own any of the metal liquid lipsticks from her birthday or holiday collection.

Here are her permanent shades.


 (L-R): King K  –  Heir  –  Reign

Here are the swatches.


No flash (L-R): King K  –  Heir  –  Reign


Flash (L-R): King K  –  Heir  –  Reign

The texture of the metal liquid lipsticks are less drying than the other matte liquid lipsticks. one layer is enough to get full coverage with the colors heir and reign, King K needs two coats to get a full coverage. They also wear nice over a matte liquid lipstick if you put it in the center of you’re lips to create extra dimension to your lip look.

Out of these tree colors i would especially recommend King K and Heir altho Reign wears the nicest on it’s own .

The packaging is the same as her other liquid lipsticks as well as the applicators which i find easy to apply with.

The metal liquid lipsticks retail for 18,00 USD each, just keep in mind that you can be charged with extra taxes or delivery costs.

XOXO Lisa.


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