Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks (Part 1)


Lipsticks are my favorite makeup product and today i’m gonna do part 1 of my Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick collection. It took me a while until i was able to buy them in my country (Belgium) but a few months a go they where finally available on the France Sephora site.

All the Anastasia liquid lipsticks have a matte formula .

I’ve heard a lot about these liquid lipsticks so i decided to try them out myself today i’m gonna be reviewing tree nude pink kinda colors, i picked up:

  • Pure Hollywood pale mauve nude
  • Stripped neutral beige nude
  • Lovely – light nude pink

here are the swatches.wp-1488223598340.jpg

No flash (L-R):



With flash (L-R):



All the Anastasia liquid lipsticks have the most common doe-foot applicator wand, i find it easy to use but that’s just my personal opinion.

I love these liquid lipsticks i love the color range they have especially ‘Pure Hollywood’ is one of my new favorites, The texture feels just like a normal liquid lipstick not to drying and they don’t crumble off when i have them on my lips for a really long time.

(Something i always do is use a lipscrub twice a week and i use a lipbalm everyday to keep my lips hydrated)

These lipsticks don’t have a strong scent to them which i find always nice, they stayed all day long ( i did a bit of a touch up when i had lunch) but besides that they wore well, i would recommend them to everyone who loves a matte lip or is addicted to lipsticks as me.

These retail for 20,00 USD on the website or 23,00 euros on the site and 20,00 pound on the site.

Stay tuned next week for my part 2 review.

What do you think about these liquid lipsticks, have you tried any let me know in the comments down below.

XOXO Lisa.


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