Natasha Denona 28 Green Brown Eyeshadow Palette


A few months ago i heard a few Youtubers talk about the Natasha Denona eyeshadow palettes, i immediately fell in love with the colors and when i saw the pigmentation i was sold.

There are two versions of this palette the 28 purple blue eyeshadow palette and the 28 green brown palette, the one i got because i thought that i would get the most use out of it.

The outside of the palette consists of  a shiny white steady case great for travelling and on the inside there is a plastic sheet with the color names n it (i couldn’t get it on photo because of the reflection).

let’s take a look on the inside.


The shades in this palette are beautiful you get everything you need in this palette mattes, shimmers, satin’s and metallic shades. Here are the swatches.


First row (L-R):

58V suede  –  44M indian gold  –  45M industrial  –  43P smoky quartz  –

 14M antique olive  –  61P ochre


Second row (L-R):

75S skin  –  59M moonstone  –  10M aluminium  –  20M true gold  –  85P pinija

–  62S terracotta  –  50M sienna


Third row (L-R):

64V shell  –  21S cream  –  86P golden aquamarine  –  18M glam queen  –  15M bottle green

–  88V arizona  –  68M golden flesh


Forth row (L-R):

78M umber  –  57V flamingo  –  08V tropic  –  17M cloudy blue  –  16M emerald green

–  31M cool bronze  –  58P satin tan

I think i found my new favorite palette my favorite affordable eyeshadow palettes are the Violet Voss palettes but this i for sure my favorite high end eyeshadow palette. I’m a big fan and will definitely pick up other products from her brand

This palette is just perfect in my opinion the pigmentation is unbelievable the blend so well you can get soooo many different looks out of this palette for evening, day time, …

The only downside is that if you put to much on your eyeshadow brush you might have a bit of fallout, you just have to dip your brush in it a tiny bit and you can go a long way with it other than that this perfect is amazing.

This palette retails for 239,00 USD on the website or on the website for 240,00 euros.

(i’ts pricey but i think it’s worth it for the quality and the amount of product that you get)

What do you think about the palette let me know in the comments down below.



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