Zoeva Classic Face Brush Set


A while ago i needed new face brushes and heard that Zoeva has some great makeup brushes. So i decided to pick up the ‘Classic Face Brush Set’ because that looked like the set where i would get the most use out of it.

This set contains out of six face brushes, the brushes have natural as synthetic taklon hair. You also get a small black Zoeva brush clutch which is great for travelling. I got a classic set which have just their normal silver and black handle with the number of the brush engraved and their logo, they have other sets like the rose gold, bamboo or vegan line.

Here are the brushes.


106 Powder: Applies loose and pressed powder

It’s a great powder brush and sometimes in the summer i use it for bronzer. It picks up my powders well and blends nice on the face.


102 Silk Finish: Applies and blends foundation

This one i don’t use very often but i love it if i want a real full coverage foundation look, it blends out my foundation well and gives it a good coverage.


127 Luxe Sheer Cheek: Applies powder blush

This brush is described as a blush brush but i use it for my contour and/or bronzer i love the shape of the brush to get that nice contour, it blend really well.


105 Luxe Highlight: Applies highlighter

This highlighter brush is amazing i love it soooo much this is one of the brushes who doesn’t have synthetic hairs and it picks up my highlight powders so well, this is my all time favorite highlight brush.


122 Petit Stippling: Applies cream blush, concealer and highlighter

This brush i’m not such a big fan of just because i don’t really use it that much it’s great to blend out cream blushes but i didn’t like it to blend out my highlighter.


142 Concealer Buffer: Applies and blend concealer

The concealer buffer brush i like to apply my concealer and primer on my eyelids with it blend out the product well.

Overall i’m very happy with my new brush set the brushes i liked the most out of this set are the highlight 105 and 127 blush brush because they only have natural hairs which i prefer. All the other brushes i also like but aren’t ย my favorite brushes that i have. For example i preferย my Chanel powder brush over this one in this set but it’s a different price range.

This set costs 70,00 euros on the Zoevacosmetics.com website i think it’s a good deal for six face brushes and would definitely recommend it to people who don’t already have alot of makeup brushes it’s a great way to start your collection.

Let me know if ย you have tried anything from the brand before and if you liked it.

XOXO Lisa.


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