Tarte Skin Twinkle Lightening Vol 2 Highlight Palette


When i saw the new collection that Tarte came out with i immediately wanted to try out a few things, the Tarte rainforest of the sea skin twinkle highlighting palette was one of them. This was the first product from Tarte that i ever purchased so i was really exited to try out a new makeup brand.

From where i live i can only buy Tarte Cosmetics product on the QVC.CO.UK website so i decided to order from there, the shipping took 8 working days which was okay but my palette arrived broken. When i opened my box there was highlight powder everywhere but i tried to press them down a bit to make it more presentable. I know somethimes product can brake during transportation, luckily my other product wasn’t broken.


The colors daylight and candlelight where broken when i got my parcel but because they have a soft texture i tried to press them down back, especially candlelight is now almost half empty. ( it keeps breaking)

Here are the swatches.


With flash (L-R):

daylight  –  skylight  –  spotlight  –  candlelight

These powders feel strange when you swatch them with your finger (especially the ones who broke) they feel crumbly and have a ton of fallout. Luckily the wear better on my cheekbones but i wouldn’t really recommend them they are not bad but not special ether if you already have a nice collection of highlighters.

Overall i was really looking forward to my order until i tested it out these highlighters are okay but that all. The packaging is really pretty and the shades are pretty the product just doesn’t perform like i had imagined.

( When i posted my picture on Instagram i immediately got a reaction from the Tarte page  they contacted me and wanted to send me another one but because i ordered with QVC.uk that wasn’t possible.With QVC.uk i have to send my package back at my own costs which is half of the price of my product so i wont be doing that)

This palette retails for $ 42,00 dollars  on the Tarte website or £ 32,00 GBP.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of the Tarte products and if you have a favorite.

XOXO Lisa.


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