Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick (Part 3)


This part 3 of my Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks review, it’s the last part of these  liquid lipsticks.

In this post i will be reviewing three darker shades, in general i love he whole shading range of the Anastasia liquid lipsticks.

  • Madison vibrant plum magenta
  • Potion deepest plum
  • American Doll classic blue red

Here are the swatches.


No flash (L-R):



With flash (L-R):


These have the same formula as the other colors i mentioned in my previous posts, but like i mentioned last week i notice a difference in wearing time with the darker colors. My favorites out of these three are Madison and Potion and especially with potion it can be a little tricky if you wear it for a few hours throughout the day i noticed after i ate something and did a touch up in the center of my lips that it became a little patchy, when i tried to make it more even the liquid lipstick started to crumble off.

All the shades apply the same to me just the wearing time is different. Overall i would definitely recommend the lighter shades in this line, with those i didn’t notice any problems after wearing them for 8 up to 10 hours with the darker colors it can be a bit tricky. I will still wear the darker shades i bought just not when i know i will be having a long day.

These retail for 20,00 USD on the website or 23,00 euros on the site and 20,00 pound on the site.

The price is the same as a lot of other liquid lipsticks from different brands with the same quality so i think it’s a good deal.

Let me know what you think about these liquid lipsticks and if you will try them out or not down below.

XOXO Lisa.


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