Zoeva Rose Golden Eye Brush Set Vol.2


A few weeks ago i made a post about the Zoeva Classic Face Brush set and really fell in love with these brushes i decided to buy another brush set from them, this time i purchased the Rose Golden Eye Set Vol.2.

These brushes have rose golden handles but besides that they are the same quality, in this set you get brushes with synthetic and natural hair. This set contains 12 eyeshadow brushes and also has a rose gold pouch (which comes with every brush set).

The brushes are extremely soft which is always great and look pretty on my makeup vanity table. A nice addition to my brush collection. Here is a close-up of the brushes.


325 Luxe brow light: natural synthetic blend

Applies highlighter below the brows.


322 Brow line: synthetic hair

Applies eyebrow powder and cream products


310 Spot liner: synthetic hair

Creates delicate eyeliner strokes


238 Luxe precise shader: natural synthetic blend

Applies eyeshadow precisely


235 Contour shader: synthetic hair

Applies the outer v with perfection


232 Luxe classic shader: natural synthetic blend

Applies eyeshadow evenly and intensively on the lid


231 Luxe petit crease: natural synthetic blend

Accentuates and shades in the crease


230 Luxe pencil: natural synthetic blend

Applies and blends eyeshadow and kohl


228 Luxe crease: natural synthetic blend

Blends transitions professionally


227 Luxe soft definer: natural synthetic blend

Softly blends and smoothes eyeshadow


221 Luxe soft crease: natural synthetic blend

Blends eyeshadow evenly along the crease


142 Concealer buffer: synthetic hair

Applies and blends concealer

Again i’m really amazed with the great quality of these brushes especially the ones with natural hair, they make your eyeshadow blend so well on the eyelids and in this set you get every brush you need for a beautiful eyelook.

These brushes perform amazing  especially if you keep in mind that these are only £ 65,00 which is not much if you compare them to other brand that have the same quality. They are great for everyone who’s a beginner at makeup to everyone who does there makeup at a daily basis. I would definitely recommend them.

This set retails for 75,00 euro on the Zoeva.com website or £ 65,00 on the cultbeauty.co.uk site.

Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are and if you have tried anything form Zoeva that you liked.

XOXO Lisa.


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