Jouer Liquid Lipsticks And Lip Topper


Hey everyone in today’s post i will be reviewing two of the Jouer liquid lipsticks en one Jouer lip topper, i know these came out a while ago but i only just got them recently so let’s test them out.

I heard a lot of people on YouTube and makeup-blogs talk about these liquid lipsticks that these are so good so i wanted to test them out for myself.

On the website of Jouer they claim that these lip toppers are long- wearing, non sticky, weightless and are induced with vitamin E, coconut oil and jojoba seed oil. About the liquid lipsticks they say that they are also long wearing, non sticky and have vitamin E in them. The liquid lipsticks cost 18$ or 15£ the lip toppers cost 16$ or 13.5£.

I bought three of them:

  • Terra – matte neutral deep ochre
  • Tawny Rose – matte cool dusty mauve
  • Skinny Dip – metallic shimmering golden nude


With flash (L-R):



Without flash (L-R):



I both wore these lipsticks with and without the skinny dip lip topper on top of them and i found them  to be a little drying without the lip topper, they stayed on for about 6 hours on my lips without need of a touch up. I found the lip topper a bit sticky but not as sticky as your normal lip gloss and it’s also a bit hydrating.

My overall conclusion is that these aren’t bad for their price range and especially the lip toppers. I’m definitely gone order a few of them more of the lip toppers in the future.

Let me know in the comment what you think about these lipsticks if you have tried them or would buy them down below.

XOXO Lisa.




Violet Voss Drenched Metals Pro Palette


This palette is the third one in my Violet Voss eyeshadow collection and again it’s an amazing one, recently Violet Voss came available on the website and i did not hesitate to buy this palette when i saw they had it in stock.

This is the ‘ Drenched Metals ‘ eyeshadow palette previously i bought the Violet Voss X Laura Lee one and the Holy Grail palette and i wanted to see if it’s again such an amazing quality as the previous ones i got.

The Drenched Metals palette comes with 18 metallic and 2 matte shades, a perfect transition shade and a black to make a darker smokey look.

Let’s look at the swatches.


First row (L-R):

Poppin  –  Kisses  –  Confession  –  Crushed It  –  Secret


Second row (L-R):

I’m So Fancy  –  Mermaid Vixen  –  Grunge  –  Minx  –  Squad Goals


Third row (L-R):

Frisky  –  Dark Desire  –  Slaycation  –  Come Thru  –  Livin


Forth row (L-R):

Shade  –  Bliss  –  Huntress  –  Forbidden  –  Midnight Tryst

Violet Voss did it again this palette has beautiful shades great pigmentation, they blend well on the eyelids… Some of the shadows i find more shimmery than metallic but they still have good quality they just aren’t so metallic.

With this palette you can make beautiful eye looks for a party, and you have endless options with all the different sort of shades.

The packaging of this palette was a bit different than the other two palettes i bought this cardboard is not as thick which makes it not as firm as the other ones, But this palette again comes with a mirror which makes it great for travelling. I would definitely recommend the palette to everyone who loves a more colorful eyelook alto you still have enough nude basic options as well.

This palette retails for £ 45,00 on the website the price is a very good deal for these 20 beautiful eyeshadows.

Thanks for reading let me know in the comments what your thoughts are about the palette.

XOXO Lisa.

Anastasia Beverly Hills X Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit


Anastasia Beverly Hills did a colab with Youtuber Nicole Guerriero together they created this beautiful highlighter palette, i immediately fell in love. For highlighters i prefer my Anastasia glow kits over anything so i definitely had to get my hands on this one.

This kit consist of six metallic highlighter that can be used dry or wet for an even more intense highlight. The shades in this kit i found would be best used with medium to darker skintones, you can also use them as eyeshadow.

Let’s take a look at the palette.



  • Kitty Kat – Pink with a platinum reflect
  • Forever Young – Pink pearl with a silver reflect
  • Daydream – Coral with a white gold reflect
  • Forever Lit – Platinum with a lavender reflect
  • Glo Getter – Champagne with a rose reflect
  • 143 – Rose gold with a bronze reflect

Here are the swatches.


With flash (L-R):

Kitty Kat  –  Forever Young  –  Daydream  –  Forever Lit  –  Glo Getter  –  143


With flash (L-R):

Kitty Kat  –  Forever Young  –  Daydream  –  Forever Lit  –  Glo Getter  –  143

This palette is amazing the pigmentation is just so beautiful the colors are beautiful it’s one of my favorite glow kits from Anastasia Beverly hills. I feel like these colors would work better on medium to darker skintones alto that there are some shades in this kit that can be used on fair skintones like Forever Lit and Forever Young.

I feel like this kit is gonna be perfect for that summer glow my favorite shades are Forever Young and Glo Getter, the last two shades 143 and Glo Getter are quite similar to eachother.

These highlighters are definitely for everyone who likes a striking highlight, they are definitely not a ‘natural’ highlight but a stand out highlight. The packaging of this kit a bit smaller that the ultimate glow kit and also doesn’t have a mirror unlike the ultimate glow palette.

The quality is the same as my other Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighters just amazing quality. I would recommend this palette to everyone who loves a pretty stand out highlight, if you’re able to get your hands on this one get it you won’t regret it.

This glow kit retails for £ 39,00 on the website.

Let me know if you will pick up this beautiful glow kit or not down below.

XOXO Lisa.

Zoeva Rose Golden Eye Brush Set Vol.2


A few weeks ago i made a post about the Zoeva Classic Face Brush set and really fell in love with these brushes i decided to buy another brush set from them, this time i purchased the Rose Golden Eye Set Vol.2.

These brushes have rose golden handles but besides that they are the same quality, in this set you get brushes with synthetic and natural hair. This set contains 12 eyeshadow brushes and also has a rose gold pouch (which comes with every brush set).

The brushes are extremely soft which is always great and look pretty on my makeup vanity table. A nice addition to my brush collection. Here is a close-up of the brushes.


325 Luxe brow light: natural synthetic blend

Applies highlighter below the brows.


322 Brow line: synthetic hair

Applies eyebrow powder and cream products


310 Spot liner: synthetic hair

Creates delicate eyeliner strokes


238 Luxe precise shader: natural synthetic blend

Applies eyeshadow precisely


235 Contour shader: synthetic hair

Applies the outer v with perfection


232 Luxe classic shader: natural synthetic blend

Applies eyeshadow evenly and intensively on the lid


231 Luxe petit crease: natural synthetic blend

Accentuates and shades in the crease


230 Luxe pencil: natural synthetic blend

Applies and blends eyeshadow and kohl


228 Luxe crease: natural synthetic blend

Blends transitions professionally


227 Luxe soft definer: natural synthetic blend

Softly blends and smoothes eyeshadow


221 Luxe soft crease: natural synthetic blend

Blends eyeshadow evenly along the crease


142 Concealer buffer: synthetic hair

Applies and blends concealer

Again i’m really amazed with the great quality of these brushes especially the ones with natural hair, they make your eyeshadow blend so well on the eyelids and in this set you get every brush you need for a beautiful eyelook.

These brushes perform amazing  especially if you keep in mind that these are only £ 65,00 which is not much if you compare them to other brand that have the same quality. They are great for everyone who’s a beginner at makeup to everyone who does there makeup at a daily basis. I would definitely recommend them.

This set retails for 75,00 euro on the website or £ 65,00 on the site.

Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are and if you have tried anything form Zoeva that you liked.

XOXO Lisa.

Becca Prismatic Amethyst Highlighter


Becca Cosmetics just came out with a new limited edition highlighter in the color prismatic Amethyst when i saw the first promo pics i knew i had to get it.It’s so pretty let alone the packaging is amazing. This highlighter is described as:

‘ Achieve a sophisticated, prismatic glow in any light with this limited-edition Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed Highlighter. It’s enriched with color-shifting pigments that reflect and refract light for a multi-faceted, holographic chameleon effect. Prismatic Amethyst is infused with pale gold, violet, and rose pearls to create a unique, iridescent sheen that shifts as you move.

Unlike traditional pressed powders, this one-of-a-kind formula blends pigments with liquids, to create an unparalleled, creamy feel that applies like seamless silk and never cakes. It’s perfect for highlighting or layering to create a truly unique glow. The result is a high-shine, elegant shimmer finish that doesn’t look glittery.’


Here is a close-up, this highlighter has a special 3D-look the other permanent highlighters havea flat surface, other than that the packaging is the same.

Here are the swatches.


With flash:


Without flash:

This highlighter is just so beautiful i fell in love immediately. This highlight is pretty fair if you compare them to Opal and Champagne pop so i would more likely recommend it to people with more fair skin, on darker skin it can  look a little to white.

The highlighter gives a nice sheen and glow to the skin without being to glittery, but it’s definitely not a ‘natural highlight’ it really stands out.

This is definitely my new favorite Becca highlighter it’s a pretty piece to add to my highlighter collection.

This highlighter retails for $ 38,00 USD on the and site or £ 32,00 on the website.

Let me know it the comments if you’re a fan of this new highlighter.

XOXO Lisa.

Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick (Part 3)


This part 3 of my Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks review, it’s the last part of these  liquid lipsticks.

In this post i will be reviewing three darker shades, in general i love he whole shading range of the Anastasia liquid lipsticks.

  • Madison vibrant plum magenta
  • Potion deepest plum
  • American Doll classic blue red

Here are the swatches.


No flash (L-R):



With flash (L-R):


These have the same formula as the other colors i mentioned in my previous posts, but like i mentioned last week i notice a difference in wearing time with the darker colors. My favorites out of these three are Madison and Potion and especially with potion it can be a little tricky if you wear it for a few hours throughout the day i noticed after i ate something and did a touch up in the center of my lips that it became a little patchy, when i tried to make it more even the liquid lipstick started to crumble off.

All the shades apply the same to me just the wearing time is different. Overall i would definitely recommend the lighter shades in this line, with those i didn’t notice any problems after wearing them for 8 up to 10 hours with the darker colors it can be a bit tricky. I will still wear the darker shades i bought just not when i know i will be having a long day.

These retail for 20,00 USD on the website or 23,00 euros on the site and 20,00 pound on the site.

The price is the same as a lot of other liquid lipsticks from different brands with the same quality so i think it’s a good deal.

Let me know what you think about these liquid lipsticks and if you will try them out or not down below.

XOXO Lisa.

Tarte Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette


In my previous post you could see that i did a review about the Tarte highlight palette, next to that this eyeshadow palette was the second Tarte product in my order. I heard a lot of great things about this palette so i decided to try it out for myself.

The palette contains 16 matte eyeshadows and 4 shimmery shades so you get the perfect combination to make any look you want.( I ordered my palette on the QVC uk website and it came with an eyeshadow brush i don’t think you always  get the brush extra).


Here are the swatches.


First row (L-R):

Classic  –  Innocent  –  Whimsy  –  Smoked  –  Ethereal


Second row (L-R):

Vintage  –  Fierce  –  No filter   –  Vamp  –  Glam


Third row (L-R):

Chic  –  Profesh  –  Mod  –  Drama  –  Minx


Forth row (L-R):

Indie  –  Bold  –  Edgy  –  Punk  –  Trendy

This palette is really pretty the shadows feel very buttery but there are some darker shades that were harder to swatch nicely like the colors Vamp, Drama and Punk three darker shades. Luckily they perform better on the eyes than they swatch. The shimmery shads perform really well.

I really love the palette and would recommend it to everyone, the shades blend well and my makeup stayed in place for a very long time. The only thing i don’t like about the packaging is the matte black cover it’s like the normal Nars packaging that stains really easily and stays dirty other than that the palette has a nice big mirror which is great to travel with and it’s a very compact palette for having 20 beautiful shades.

This palette retails for $ 53,00 on the Tarte website or £ 53,00 on the QVCuk site.

Let me know what you think about this palette and if you will pick it up or not down below.

XOXO Lisa.

Tarte Skin Twinkle Lightening Vol 2 Highlight Palette


When i saw the new collection that Tarte came out with i immediately wanted to try out a few things, the Tarte rainforest of the sea skin twinkle highlighting palette was one of them. This was the first product from Tarte that i ever purchased so i was really exited to try out a new makeup brand.

From where i live i can only buy Tarte Cosmetics product on the QVC.CO.UK website so i decided to order from there, the shipping took 8 working days which was okay but my palette arrived broken. When i opened my box there was highlight powder everywhere but i tried to press them down a bit to make it more presentable. I know somethimes product can brake during transportation, luckily my other product wasn’t broken.


The colors daylight and candlelight where broken when i got my parcel but because they have a soft texture i tried to press them down back, especially candlelight is now almost half empty. ( it keeps breaking)

Here are the swatches.


With flash (L-R):

daylight  –  skylight  –  spotlight  –  candlelight

These powders feel strange when you swatch them with your finger (especially the ones who broke) they feel crumbly and have a ton of fallout. Luckily the wear better on my cheekbones but i wouldn’t really recommend them they are not bad but not special ether if you already have a nice collection of highlighters.

Overall i was really looking forward to my order until i tested it out these highlighters are okay but that all. The packaging is really pretty and the shades are pretty the product just doesn’t perform like i had imagined.

( When i posted my picture on Instagram i immediately got a reaction from the Tarte page  they contacted me and wanted to send me another one but because i ordered with that wasn’t possible.With i have to send my package back at my own costs which is half of the price of my product so i wont be doing that)

This palette retails for $ 42,00 dollars  on the Tarte website or £ 32,00 GBP.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of the Tarte products and if you have a favorite.

XOXO Lisa.

Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick (Part 2)


 Here is part 2 of my Anastasia Beverly Hills lipsticks collection. Lip products are my weakness so if one of my favorite brands comes out with new lipsticks i have to try them out. Liquid lipsticks are especially my favorite.

In this post i’m gonna review the shades dusty rose, veronica and craft. These three shades are more pink mauve colored than the previous three that were more of nude color. Veronica turned out a lot darker on my lips than as it is described on the website on my lips in turns out almost as a grey brown color, so just keep that in mind i don’t have a store that carry’s them in the city where i live if you do i would recommend swatching them first.

  • Dusty Rose – mauve pink
  • Veronica taupe mauve
  • Craft sangria

Here are the swatches.


No flash (L-R):



With flash (L-R):


The applicator on these are the same as her other liquid lipsticks and smell the same.Out of these three my favorite is definitely Dusty Rose, it’s a lovely pink mauve color.

Something i do notice is that the darker colors of the liquid lipsticks have a different wearing throughout the day for example after i ate something with the nude shades on my lips and reapplied a bit on my lips it still looked good, with these darker colors like Veronica and craft they go on a little bit more patchy and accentuate the fine lines in your lips especially if they’re a bit dryer at the moment.

Just before you start to do your makeup apply a bit of lippbalm and you should be fine.Overall i  do love these colors and formula and will definitely be purchasing more.

These retail for 20,00 USD on the website or 23,00 euros on the site and 20,00 pound on the site.

Stay tuned next week for my part 3 review.

What do you think about these liquid lipsticks, have you tried any let me know in the comments down below.

XOXO Lisa.